Move-In Inspection

Your rental home is a mess and the tenant says that “it was that way when we rented it”. Who’s going to win if they insist on going to court? That depends on the care that was taken to document the condition of the home when the tenant actually began their lease. We take dated photos and/or video of each home, inside and outside, in addition to a detailed room-by-room inspection checklist of the home’s condition. These exacting and accurate records make it very difficult for a tenant to win in falsified or exaggerated damage suits.


A move-in inspection is probably the second most important step to ensuring a good landlord-tenant relationship.  Each lease term should begin with a move-in inspection conducted when your tenant gets their keys and before they move in..  Move-in inspections document the condition of your property at the start of tenancy so you have a dated reference for any damage to the property, beyond normal wear and tear.  Every room, wall, floor, window, door, appliance, faucet, light fixture, window treatment, etc. will be reviewed to ensure it is working properly. Any scuffs, dents, thumb tack holes, (really, anything big or small) will be recorded and photographed.


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