Move-Out Inspection

Documentation beats conversation. 

 You can certainly walk around investment property and snap pictures.  However, there is another level of professionalism and certainty added when a Certified Professional Inspector® is taking the pictures.

 Your inspection report is proof, by an impartial 3rd party, of your homes condition.

 This documentation is good for insurance claims and court cases.

 Integrity is the driving force of Tennessee Inspection Services. We will not alter any of the photos in any way.


The move-out inspection is your opportunity to determine the overall condition of the property when your tenant moves out.  As part of your lease agreement, your tenant should understand they are expected to return the property in the same condition as they received it when moving in.  Your move-out inspection will reference your move-in inspection paperwork and notes will be made about how the property compares to its condition at the start of tenancy and what needs to be done in order to return the property to rent-ready condition, including repairs and cleaning.   Any tenant caused damage or cleaning, beyond normal wear and tear, can be deducted from your tenant’s security deposit. Conducting a move-out inspection is a great way to avoid tenant disputes over any deductions you made to their security deposit refund. 


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