Rental Inspection

Move-in / Move-out Inspection

(Starting at $150.00)   For a SINGLE family home up to 1000 SQ FT

  • Protection for Tenants and Landlords;
  • Used for insurance claims and court cases;
  • Photo-documentation of visible and accessible areas.


Your Move-In Move-Out Inspection report is a photo-documentation report of visible and accessible areas of the home/property ​ as of the date and time of the inspection.  Inspector comments are included.  It is not as extensive as a Full Certified Home Inspection.
Documentation beats conversation.  Sadly, tenants deal with unscrupulous landlords and vice versa.


You can certainly walk around your new apartment or house and snap pictures.  However, there is another level of professionalism and certainty added when a Certified Professional Inspector® is taking the pictures.


Your inspection report is proof, by an impartial 3rd party, of your homes condition.

This documentation is good for insurance claims and court cases.


Integrity is the driving force of Tennessee Inspection Services. We will not alter any of the photos in any way.

​You can rest assured, even though this report does not include recommendations, you may feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns you may have.

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