4 Unusual Backyard Ideas That Could Save You Money

February 25, 2020
by Charlie Priest

Have you ever thought of using your backyard to save you money? Check out these four easy and unique ways that will put that real estate to work for you.

Solar Panels

The popularity of generating your energy has been growing for years as the cost goes down and the technology has improved. Polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar cells are currently the most popular, though thin-film types are growing in the residential market. These panels can be mounted from the ground as well as a rooftop. Generating your energy is a way to lower the costs of electricity that keeps that money in your pocket.

Hydroponic Garden

Fresh produce in the stores seems to be getting more expensive, while the taste and quality are diminishing. And, who knows how they were grown and where. It takes up little space to install a hydroponic garden. Think about stepping into your backyard garden to glean fresh veggies and greens for your meal. You save money while enjoying the fact that you are eating healthy.

Grass Alternatives

Would you like to have a green yard all year long that requires no watering and mowing? Why not consider artificial turf? When deciding what you want in your backyard, keep in mind that synthetic grass in your backyard could save money as well as time. No need to purchase and store a lawn mower. Watering the lawn is a thing of the past. So, while your neighbors are spending all that time and money on lawn work, you can be watching the game.

Herb Gardens

Few things taste better than fresh herbs in a recipe. Aromatic herbs can be used to scent the whole house without chemicals. Herbal teas can help you relax as well as help you sleep peacefully. Herbs can even discourage insects. Once planted, many herbs are perennial and will produce for years. Raised beds work well, while partial sun condition makes them happy. Using only a small space, the money-saving effects will show big in your wallet.

It doesn’t take a large backyard to produce energy, has a permanently green lawn, a productive produce garden, and a fresh herb bed. Plus, saving you money that accumulates over time is another benefit. Other ideas are beekeeping, raising chickens, having a worm farm, or creating a large smoker for meat. Don’t just let that piece of land be idle; use it to save time and money.

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