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As a Realtor, you make every effort to provide top notch service for your clients.  At TENNESSEE INSPECTION SERVICES, LLC, we understand what it means to work a little harder and a little longer than the competition, to develop meaningful relationships with our clients that last long after the transaction is over, and to offer the very best service possible.  We appreciate your dedication!

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Resource Library

To show our appreciation we have created check lists and other tools for you to Download and help make your job easier! Below are download links to lists designed with you in mind.

Reduce Your Liability

InterNACHI is so sure of Tennessee Inspection Services, LLC that it will indemnify any licensed real estate agent in an amount up to $10,000 if a third party successfully sues the agent for negligent referral to us.  This protection is offered at no cost to agents who register. 

FREE Continuing Education

To keep you up to date with the latest technology and to help keep you current with your state education requirements. We’re providing some continuing education courses for you. Absolutely free!

  • Click below to got to our course website
  • Select the state you hold your license in,
  • Type the member code (NACHI17120607)
  • Select one of the free online courses and begin.