Video Rescources

These resources may provide great references to reinforce issues found during a home inspection. Deficiencies related to items and components found in the references below should not be viewed as an all-inclusive listing of such deficiencies as a home inspection is not exhaustive. That’s why it is important to follow recommendations made in the home inspection report as to further evaluation and repairs relating to items.

Certified Residential and Commercial Inspections

How To Grade Around Your House

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One of the simplest things you can do to reduce the risk of water damage in your home is to make sure the soil next to your home is pitched, or sloped, away from the basement.

Thanks to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District for the video

Testing Drip Edge Installations On Roofing

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Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates the importance of a properly installed drip edge.

Thank you to This Old House for the video

410a And R-22 Mixed System

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Thanks to Fast Affordable Air for the video.

Condenser Fin Comb Training

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Instructions on using a condenser fin comb to straighten bent fins on a Johnson Bodies cold plate freezer condenser.

Thank you to Douglas Sanford for the video

Trus Joist EWP Floor Installation Guide

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How to install blocking in a floor if a load bearing wall is above an intermediate bearing wall.

Thanks to WoodbyWY for the video.

Joist Hanger Fasteners

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Ask the Builder founder, Tim Carter, shows the special nails and screws you use to install joist hangers. NEVER use roofing nails! Roofing nails are not structural fasteners.

Thanks to AsktheBuilder for the video

Flue Tiles Are A Hazard When They Are Cracked or Have Gap

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Excellent demo of the flue-liner failing. What most people fail to understand is the combustible materials that CANNOT be seen in attics, behind walls and behind the fireplace face.

Thanks to Matthew Halper for the video

Full Veneer Stone Installation Run to Grade Side View

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How To Install Chimney Flashing

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A simple 3D animated digital instructions on how to properly flash a chimney on a MasterRib metal roof. This detail can also be used with skylights and other roof curb applications. MasterRib is a 36″ wide 5 rib panel very common on residential and ag applications.

Thank you to Union Corrugating for the video

How To Install Sidewall Trim Flashing

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A simple 3D animated digital instructions on how to install sidewall trim on a MasterRib metal roof. Includes instructions for properly flashing the trim with masonry and siding applications. MasterRib is a 36″ wide 5 rib panel very common on residential and ag applications.

Thanks to Union Corrugating for the video

Metal Panel Overlap

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How to properly overlap Pro-Rib and Premium Pro-Rib panels

Thanks to Midwest Manufacturing Marketing for the video

Kick-out Flashing

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Ground Zero for roof rot is often where roofs meet walls. If you don’t direct water from the roof into a gutter, can can pour into the wall.

Thank youto ProTradeCraft for the video.

P-Trap vs. S-Trap

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A compairson of a P-trap and a S-trap, and the diagnosis of a gurgling sink.

Thank you to This Old House for the video.

Double Tap Circuit Breaker

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This video explains how to identify and fix a double tap circuit breaker.

Thank you to Family Handyman for the video.

Avoiding Common Attic Venting Mistakes

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When planning and installing a balanced attic ventilation system, it is important to understand and avoid these common mistakes that may reduce the effectiveness of the system.

Thank you to GAF Roofing for the video.

Drip Cap Installation

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In this instructional video, we demonstrate how to install drip cap & flashing, which is the best defense against water penetration and ensures long lasting protection for buildings.

Thank you to Diamond Kote for the video.

Anti-tip Bracket Install

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This is a must – have for all stoves. The anti-tip bracket prevents the stove from tipping forward and causing injury if the door is opened and weight is applied. Without this small bracket, there could be a greater chance for injury.

This quick video shows a complete installation of the anti-tip bracket, along with the supplies needed to attach through a tiled floor.

Thank you to You Can Do It for the video.

How To Fix A Wobbly Toilet

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Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner diagnose and repair a wobbly toilet.

Thank you to Ask This Old House for the video.