How to Be an Environmentally Conscious Homeowner

May 23, 2020
by Charlie Priest

If you’re like most everyone in the United States and even the world right now, you have most likely spent the last few couple of months in your homes due to stay at home orders or lockdown orders. Now that we’re moving into the summer, the temperature is going to increase which, in many cases, will inevitably call for cooler temperatures indoors to defend against the summer heat. However, before you do anything, consider the following suggestions to help you both stay cool and be an environmentally conscious homeowner.

Think Energy Efficient

With so many people staying indoors more consistently, the level of energy you use in your home and money you use to pay for it is a lot higher than it usually is. Surprisingly, sometimes the energy you consume is lost without you even knowing it. You might be trying to cool your home to no avail only to find out that you’re losing energy because your roof isn’t sealed. According to Integrity Roof Repairs, keeping your roof sealed prevents energy loss in seasons of high or lower temperatures. Contact roofing specialists to get help sealing your roof. Also consider contacting your local HVAC professionals to help you make your home more energy efficient.

Green Renovations

In addition to thinking more about energy efficiency, you can also renovate your home to be greener. According to Budget Dumpster, there are many simple ways to make your home greener, including changing the glass in your windows and your window frames, insulating your home, and even installing solar panels. Some of these options might be initially expensive, but they are worth it in the long run. Choosing more eco friendly frames can help you more efficiently insulate your home. Likewise, solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity, and it helps be more cost efficient as well.

Utilizing Natural Light

You can add more windows to your home and use the light of the sun to light up your home. According to American Home Shield, letting in more natural light reduces the need for turning on lights in your home and using energy to power those lights. By reducing how often you turn on your lights will help you save money and energy.

Your home can and should be more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. Consider your options as you become a more environmentally conscious homeowner. Think efficiently, consider green renovations, and utilize natural light as you make your home more sustainable and energy efficient.

If you’re planning on selling your current home, it’s important to get it inspected before you sell. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a residential inspection!

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