What a Plumbing Inspection Will Look at in Your Home

March 11, 2023
by Charlie Priest
Home inspections can be done when you’re buying or selling a home or simply because you want to check on the condition of your property. A plumbing inspection will cover a variety of issues. It’s a great way for you to know if there is any need for concern and what repairs you should make. 

The Pipes 

Your pipes run throughout your entire home and make up the majority of your plumbing. Because of this, an inspector will spend a lot of time looking over your pipes and making sure there are no problems. One thing an inspector will look for is if you have lead pipes. These are common in older homes. 

In most cases, it’s best to replace these pipes with copper pipes for the sake of your safety. In addition to checking the material of your pipes, an inspector will look out for any leaks in your pipes or any blockages. These issues can put you at risk for water damage and they can also raise your monthly water bill. 

The Water Heater 

When checking a water heater, your inspector will be primarily focused on safety. They will make sure the fuel is safely being supplied. For example, gas heaters require adequate venting to avoid a build-up of carbon monoxide in the home. An inspector will also make sure the water pressure and tank temperature are safe. 

In addition to safety, they will check to make sure the water heater is installed properly and working correctly. Most water heater issues can be fixed, but these repairs can also be costly. After your inspection, you should weigh out the costs of making the repairs and buying a new water heater for your home. 

The Fixtures, Drains, Etc. 

During an inspection, the inspector will look over the skeleton of your plumbing system, but they will also look at specific parts of your plumbing to make sure everything is functioning well. Checking faucets drains, and other fixtures can help them see if there are any underlying problems. For example, if a drain isn’t working properly it could indicate there is a clog elsewhere. Looking at the regular fixtures you see every day is an essential part of the inspection. 

It’s important to be aware of the issues in your home. If you don’t catch things early on, it can lead to serious damage that is expensive to repair. Schedule an inspection so you can stay ahead of these problems and keep your home in working order. 

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