Why You Should Get an Electrical Inspection Before Moving Into a Home

December 31, 2019
by Charlie Priest
Exterior outlet being checked during a home inspection.

Moving into a new home can be an incredibly stressful experience, and for the sake of you and your family, you want to make sure you do everything right. This also means getting an electrical inspection. Doing so can help to prevent injuries and protect your property. Here are three reasons why getting an electrical inspection before moving into your home is so important.


Unfortunately, problems with wires and outlets are relatively common causes of devastating home fires. This is particularly true for older homes, which will typically also have older wiring. A comprehensive electrical inspection will check every wire and outlet in your home, finding faulty electrical wiring and ensuring that the wiring in your house is safe. Furthermore, if a problem is found, it is better to have a trained professional complete all electrical work. Working on your electrical system without proper knowledge can lead to various injuries.

Insurance Reasons

Many insurance companies will require an electrical inspection before they first offer coverage for a new residential property. If it’s not mandatory, the inspection may still help you get a new policy or get a discount or better rate. At a bare minimum, many companies will simply require that an inspection be done before a quote is even given for a home insurance policy. In most places, home insurance is required as part of getting a mortgage. As such, an electrical inspection may be required as well.

Legal Protection

An electrical inspection is also a good idea in order to make sure you protect yourself from a legal perspective. If there is an electrical fire in your home and that fire was caused by an electrical malfunction, having an electrical inspection done could help ensure that you minimize your legal responsibility. You could stop a dangerous fire and the liability implications before it starts or contract to make sure issues are fixed before you take possession. It also has the potential to help you get insurance again in the future, as having an inspection done shows insurance companies that you are taking responsible measures to ensure that there is no damage to your property.

Electrical inspections have the potential to find problems before they start. The alternative may be an unsafe home which is ripe for damaging issues. There is no question that having an electrical inspection done before you move into a home is cheaper than the dangerous alternative of going unprotected.

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