Why You Shouldn’t DIY a Home Inspection

November 19, 2022
by Charlie Priest
Times are hard, funds are tight, and it is always tempting to cut corners and save money. One popular way of saving money is to DIY just about everything. In some instances, that will probably work out great for you. However, there is one thing you should never DIY, and that is a home inspection.

You Have Your Biases

Whether you are buying a home or getting your regular home inspection, you are bound to have biases that will interfere with getting an accurate inspection. Few things are harder to get past than a strong desire to NOT find something wrong! Whether you have your hopes set on a particular house or you just don’t want to deal with repairs right now, a DIY inspection is likely to be skewed by confirmation biases

However, when you are in your right mind you do understand how important it is that major flaws in the home are discovered early. A professional home inspector has no biases either way–there is nothing in it for them whether there are a host of issues uncovered or none. 

You Don’t Have the Training

Home inspectors help spot potential issues you aren’t trained to see. They are specially trained to see everything there is to see in, on, and around your home. They also have a basic understanding of all of the inner workings of a house, from the plumbing and electrical to the appliances and HVAC system. Essentially, a home inspector is the sleuthing equivalent of a Sherlock Holmes for your house. If there is something wrong with your home, a certified home inspector is your best chance for finding it. 

You Will Miss Out on Vital Recommendations

Home inspectors do more than just check every nook and cranny of your home for issues. They can also offer valuable recommendations for the proper care and maintenance of your home. Additionally, they can point out areas that might not need to be repaired right away but that you should watch out for moving forward. When you perform a home inspection on your own, you miss out on gaining this important information from an experienced professional


Never skip a home inspection when you are purchasing a home. You never know what hidden problems are lurking under the surface. Once you have purchased the home of your dreams, keep it that way with regular inspections. It’s a good idea to have a professional home inspection at least every 5 years. Home inspections are well worth the investment, saving you the expense and hassle of ever having to deal with major issues. 


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