Common Attic Issues and How to Deal With Them

May 13, 2023
by Charlie Priest

Most houses have attics. Attics are supposed to help your home’s temperature stay more consistent by providing a large pocket of slow-moving air, making them advantageous to homeowners. Despite their benefits, having an attic means you are susceptible to common attic issues.

Moisture Damage

Your home’s roof is the house’s first line of defense against moisture. That also means that it can easily be the first point of failure. Once your roof starts letting moisture in, your attic can easily suffer moisture damage. If it goes unnoticed and unchecked, that moisture could prompt a large-scale mold or wood rot problem. 

Over time, that can cause structural damage that will be costly to fix. It can also make your home a less healthy place to live. Mold compromises air quality, and while your attic may block off most of it, mold can make its way through to other areas of your home via vents, electrical outlets, recessed lighting, and switch plates.


Pests like places that go undisturbed and provide shelter from the elements. Your attic has both of those qualities, making it an attractive option. Bats, raccoons, and mice are common attic pests in a lot of areas. You’ll know you have mice if you notice droppings or gnaw marks in your attic. You may see bats flying in or out from your roof. 

If you hear footsteps, snarling, or chewing from your attic, you may be playing host to a raccoon. Pests living in your attic can compromise your health, contaminating food and spreading disease. Call a pest control company if you suspect you have pests living in your attic.

Bad Insulation

The air pocket your attic forms isn’t the only thing that helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature. The insulation in there helps a lot as well. Or at least, it does if it’s good insulation in good condition. If your insulation becomes damaged due to moisture or pests, or simply degrades over time, you need to have the old insulation removed and replaced. Make sure you have a reliable installer. They should discuss things like ventilation and air sealing, and won’t just throw insulation in there. That won’t be enough to prevent ice dams from forming and other attic problems.

Attic issues can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners if they’re allowed to progress unchecked. Check on your attic periodically to make sure it’s in good condition and free of common problems. That way you can catch issues early and address them before they scale into larger problems with costlier fixes.

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