What to Do After an Inspection Uncovers Issues With Your Roof

February 8, 2023
by Charlie Priest

Home inspections are important when you’re buying or selling a property, as they can help identify any potential issues that could affect the purchase. 

Unfortunately, roof damage is one of the most common issues uncovered during inspections. If an inspection reveals that your roof needs repairs, there are several steps you need to take to properly address the issue. 

Evaluate the Damage 

The first step is to evaluate the damage. It’s important to get a professional opinion from a licensed roofer who can inspect your roof and determine how severe the damage is, and what kind of repair work needs to be done. 

This will give you a better understanding of what kind of repair costs you should expect, and if it’s worth investing in repairs or replacing your roof entirely. 

Replace It 

If your roof has sustained significant damage, it may be worth replacing it altogether. Replacing a damaged roof can help increase your home value. It can also increase curb appeal while also providing long-term protection against future weather and water damage. 

Furthermore, many homeowners find that replacing their old roofs with more energy-efficient options can help reduce energy bills over time. Be sure to research materials thoroughly before making any decisions about replacements and talk to local contractors who specialize in working with those materials for accurate estimates on cost and installation timescales. 

Negotiate with the Buyer 

Finally, if you’re selling a house with damaged roofs, it’s important to negotiate with the buyer on how repairs will be covered. In some cases, buyers may be willing to cover part or all of the repair costs themselves as part of the purchase agreement; however, sellers need to ensure that any agreements are documented in writing so that everyone involved is held accountable should any disputes arise later down the line. Alternatively, sellers may opt for cash buyers who can cover repairs without involving banks or other lending institutions in the transaction process.

In conclusion – whether you’re buying or selling a home – it’s essential that you pay attention to any issues revealed during inspections so they can be addressed properly before closing on the sale or purchase. Understanding what kind of repairs need to be done and negotiating appropriately with buyers or sellers can help ensure that everyone involved is happy with the result of their transaction. Taking these steps now can save both time and money in the future when facing unexpected (and potentially expensive) roof repairs after an inspection uncovers issues with your roof.

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