Why You Should Have A Home Inspection Before Selling Your Home

February 11, 2023
by Charlie Priest
If you’ve ever tried to sell your home, you’ll know it can be a complicated and expensive process. Luckily, having your home inspected can save you from a lot of issues and delays in the home-selling process. 

Here are a few reasons why you should perform your own inspection before selling your home. 

Know What Needs to Get Fixed

One reason why you should have your home inspected before selling is that you’ll know what needs to get fixed.  You can use the inspection report to make a list of all the things that you need to repair. Then, prioritize your list according to the repair tasks that are most time-sensitive or obvious. 

Don’t hesitate to hire a professional home inspector. Professional inspectors can help you to be aware of issues that need to be fixed and give you repair recommendations as well. If you try selling your home before you repair any obvious issues, you could have a much harder time getting offers on your home. Most traditional buyers don’t want to buy a home that looks rundown and in need of repairs. 

Avoid Issues When Selling

Another reason why you should have your home inspected before selling it is to avoid issues during the home-selling process. If you haven’t had your home inspected by the time you’re potentially receiving and accepting offers, you might run into a lot of problems during the sale. 

For example, your buyer could ask you to have an inspection performed that you’re not prepared for. Issues found during a home inspection can cause a home sale to fall through. Your buyer could also retract their offer once they see that your home will need a lot of work and repairs. If you don’t do repairs beforehand, your buyer might also ask you to do them before closing, which could delay your home sale significantly. 

Discover Safety Hazards

Finally, you should have an inspection before selling your home because it can help you to discover safety hazards. Some homes, particularly old homes, can develop safety hazards over time (like mold) that could threaten their structural integrity and make them dangerous to live in. For example, a lot of termite or water damage could make your walls or floors structurally unsound. Gas leaks or toxins coming from paint could also be hazardous, especially if you’re going to have young children moving into your home. You could also have some serious electrical issues that could potentially cause a house fire. Having an inspection performed can help you to fix and eliminate these safety hazards.

So, if you’re preparing to sell your home soon, remember these reasons why you should have your home inspected. Performing an inspection can help you to know what needs to get fixed, avoid issues when selling, and discover safety hazards. This can help your home sale to be more successful without surprise expenses and delays.

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